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About us...

Charley Cannon

Charley has over 25 years experience in outdoor coooking leading adventure tours throughout North America and Europe. "Being in an outdoors environment on top of being active makes it essential everyone eats healthy meals". Charley learned right from the start from his folks, Eph and Sally, back in the San Francisco Bay Area, that using the freshest ingredients is key. While working in the wilds of Alaska and the Canadian Rockies or in the European Alps, he has wowed his clients with delicious and unexpected camp fire meals. Whether it is canoeing down the Yukon River or mountain biking in the Rocky Mountains you typically would find grilled wild Alaskan salmon or halibut and freshly made bread on the menu! (Not to mention the fruit crumbles for dessert!)

Charley’s many years living and exploring Europe gave him the chance to work with fantastic local chefs including Guy Poupoux, Youssef Ramadna, Guy Alizon and Gilles Merhliot plus many more. "Trading tips and ideas makes it all the more fun to enjoying a good meal with friends." He also learned to speak French, Swedish, German, Italian, and Spanish while on his many travels.

Now living  in the Southwest and  LOVING IT!

We are proud to support "Slow Cooking" methods,
and we are strongly committed LOCAVORES
(local produce - low food miles!)

Our motto is, "Eat Fresh ~ Eat Local"

 Quality Policy
(excerpt from Food Safety and Quality Manual)

Trading as Yoho Pizza Yollo endeavours to use locally grown, in-season produce (organic and biodynamic where ever possible) for maximum freshness and nutritional value. We use preservative-free produce only, NO GM products

We feel very strongly about supporting local businesses and farmers in the South West by promoting the use of low-food-mile-produce, and enhancing local business sustainability.

We aim to "value-add" to South West communities, and businesses, by offering a range of unique culinary options and activities available.

Provide services to the community to promote healthy, and ethical, food choices.

Yoho Pizza is strongly committed to food safety through the development, implementation and review of its food safety program to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Thanks for thinking of us!


Charley Cannon


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